Master Sourdough Baker

Passion & Expertise

At my core, I am passionate about sharing the art and science of sourdough baking. I have dedicated years to mastering the craft, and I am thrilled to pass on my expertise to aspiring bakers.

Join me in this delectable journey and unlock the secrets of baking with confidence.

My Career

My baking journey began a decade ago during my apprenticeship at the renowned Zumbo in South Yarra, where I absorbed the fundamentals of patisserie. From there, I ventured to Q Le Baker, refining my bread-making craft with an abundance of intriguing flours and an array of locally sourced ingredients. Along the way, I’ve lent my expertise to culinary gems like Hazel Restaurant in Melbourne and Proserpina Bakehouse in Sassafras. Now, I proudly lead the charge as head baker at Double Dutch Bakery, where each loaf tells a tale of passion and precision.

My Mission

I aim to help you become a skilled baker, guiding you to master various recipes and enjoy the pleasures they bring. More than just giving you recipes, I want to inspire your creativity and confidence in the kitchen. Explore my recipes & add your unique touch, as we work together to create delicious dishes that showcase your personality and love for cooking. Let’s craft unforgettable treats that reflect your individual style and passion.

Get In Touch

Letʼs Bake Together!

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